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Last year only one of us four that hunt together got drawn. This year we all got drawn. Going out to plant the first week of June.


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I got drawn and this will be my first time ever going to Kansas. Bucket list item that I hope continues for years to come.

Jim Boyd

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Good luck men!!!

Very exciting thing to think about and look forward to some LFTT updates!!!!
Envious of all y’all!!
Unit's 14 and 6 can't wait , went last year with my son just for ride out and sit in blind didn't hunt but will this year saw a lot of quality deer. Like to drive can't stand leaving all that awesome meat.
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Got my email at 2:55 am this morning. Scott eat your Wheaties, I’m going to need your help dragging one out this fall. Lol
I‘ll be your Huckleberry sure Keith!

Super stoked to be headed back to SE Kansas this year!

i believe this will be the 7th trip west of the Mississippi, Me and Blue she knows the way out and back been my only real hunting partner for the last near 18 years...think she‘ll probably have near 500,000 on her by the time we leave this year! Just can’t beat a 7.3!

Thanks again for including me in Keith!!

And Congratulations to All of the Fellas that are headed out for first time or the 10th...ain’t no place quite like Kansas in my book!!!

Jim Boyd

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Love the excitement you guys are building!!!

I see some genuine “hero pics” coming up this fall...

Can’t wait!