kayak advice for 11 yr old for fishing

Good "catch"...nice looking boat, great color. Have him set the footrests to a very slight bend in the knees.
So...is that porch paint in his hair or just a reflection from that big grin?


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Awesome! Very nice.
Surprised you were able to score one. Their site has had all of their kayaks out of stock for over a month.
Gonna be a lot of fun for him for sure!
Academy still has some, as does their Kennesaw storefront(allegedly). It does take some digging though.
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Acadamy sports in cumming said they had only one in stock when I finally got them on the phone.
When we got there they had 2. Both wildfire color.

Acadamy sports in Evans Ga also had 1 in stock last week.

Yes they were tough to find!