Kayaking to artificial reef “TC”

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I was just reading about the artificial reef 3 nm off of Cumberland Island. Has anyone here ever took their kayak at to it?


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There are serious currents around Cumberland, Jekyll, and St Simons....

Trying to take a yak three miles off our coast would be a serious risk of your life.

Way back when, a couple buddies and I thought it would be a good idea to launch at Massengale beach and head out about a mile to catch bull reds in the yaks...

We had a great time, caught a bunch of fish, and it took me an hour of HARD PEDALING to get back in my Hobie Revolution.

My experienced advice is don't try it.


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Gotta look close, at the top, but here is where it took me an hour to get in from...



Water was rough as a cob, too...One got seasick, and I nearly did.

It was fun, but never again. Kinda felt like we got away with something...


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I gave some thought to the same idea, but decided against it. The only way I would do this is if I had a boat accompany me in case of problems. The main thing that turned me against it is the tide. If you could judge the tide direction you could let the tides help with the paddling. The only problem is in the ocean the tide doesn't just go out and in (east-west), it also goes north-south. In other words you could go out with the tide from Jekyll and come in with the tide and t may want to take you to Cumberland or Little St. Simons.


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Venturing far from land in the Atlantic is risky (1-2 miles in a kayak). Tides, current, wind, and chop can make for a miserable if not dangerous day. It is doable, but I would prefer having a rescue boat in the wings if needed.

At the very least make sure you have a PLB or EPIRB on your PFD. That way if it does get to life or death you can get the Coast Guard to bail you out.