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Just a little over 200 acres in south central Kentucy near Tompkinsville with a abundant deer and turkey population. Looking for a party of 2 responsible men that can let a 3 year old 120” deer walk. We have had land for 3 years and it has the potential to produce 140” plus deer no doubt. We
Typically just pick a few prime weeks/or weekends in bow season, and gun season and work out the hunting plan...$1000 per person. All of the deer in pics are still alive except the one, to my knowledge and were around 3yrs the plan is working, as we have previous pics in year 2. Last
Pic is a 4.5 yrs “guess” old we let walk at 3.5 and we never saw him in person this year...Shoot me a PM and I will share ariel and more details.