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pse hunter

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So me and my buddy are wanting to do a DIY public land this fall to Kentucky for deer, so we are going to go ahead and get a turkey tag, and go this spring to do a little scouting. maybe get lucky and kill a turkey as well can anybody give me any tips on what wmas are decent I'm not wanting a exact location I know just a general area West Kentucky East Kentucky northern part or southern of the state thanks for any info...


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That sounds like a great time! Look forward to hearing how y’all do!

Jim Boyd

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I don’t know KY but I would suggest this....

Know the land clearly and plainly before you go to DEER hunt.

March is a great time because you can see the trails and terrain much better and you can SORT OF see what the land will look like when you go up in November.

This will give you an advantage that most first timers do not have.

Best of luck.
Peabody is a mess in a lot of areas. I own land by it. Very crowded and pretty lawless. Kentucky folks can make us Georgians blush with their utter disregard for most written laws.
I have hunted green river lake and it was pretty good I suppose. Hunted week before a gun hunt and the last day we got pretty over run with people scouting but what can you do.