Kerry chaos: Joseph Farah predicts ugly post-election battle unless Bush landslide

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Howard Roark

Retired Moderator ^ | Tuesday, October 19, 2004 | Joseph Farah

What is John Kerry for?

I know it's a simple question – some would even say "simplistic."

It's easy to know what the candidate of nuance is against, but, really, what is he for?

Clearly he is against everything George W. Bush does and says.

That's easy. But let's really try to figure out what makes Kerry tick and where he would take the nation.

I think I've figured it out – based on 31 years of observing this man.

Kerry is for chaos.

Kerry believes the only way he can become president is to confuse people – and he's doing an excellent job.

He knows the only way he can become president is to lie, deceive and cheat – and he's stepping up the campaign of deception and fraud.

How is he doing this? What is my evidence?

The Democratic National Committee is organizing a blatantly illegal ballot collection program in Florida in direct contravention of state law.
The Kerry campaign, like previous Democratic Party presidential efforts, is actively soliciting the votes of illegal aliens and other non-citizens.

The Kerry campaign is challenging legally the perfectly lawful efforts of the Ralph Nader campaign for ballot position in states across the nation.

With its lawsuits, the Kerry campaign is delaying – and possibly blocking – the delivery of ballots of hundreds of thousands of U.S. military service people around the globe, knowing full well the candidate's unpopularity among troops and thus depriving soldiers of their fundamental citizenship rights even while they are risking their lives defending this country.

The Kerry campaign is preparing for lawsuits in dozens of states across the nation in the event of close election results.

The Kerry campaign is whipping up its supporters into a veritable frenzy about voter fraud, even while the Kerry campaign itself is perpetrating the fraud.

I think this is going to be a very ugly Election Day – unless it is some kind of landslide. The aftermath of a close election in 2004 could be worse and more confusing than the 2000 vote. I doubt very much if Kerry will bow out gracefully no matter what the courts rule.

Kerry sees this as war – his one and only chance at the brass ring.

Kerry doesn't mind if America is humiliated before the whole world for its inability to conduct a free and fair election. The only thing that matters to Kerry is victory.

This is going to be a dirty, dirty campaign and the only thing that can save our nation from the divisiveness and chaos that will result is a real Election Day spanking for Kerry.

I know there is a lot of resentment toward President Bush. I understand that. As I have repeatedly said since the beginning of the campaign, I cannot vote for President Bush because he fails the basic test of upholding constitutional principles.

But I am urging any one considering voting for John Kerry to put your country first. Kerry would be poison for this country. Even a close vote Nov. 2 could spell more division for our nation – division we cannot afford as our enemies plot their next move against us.

We cannot afford Kerry's hare-brained ideas – like his proposal for providing the terrorists in Iran with the nuclear fuel they want as a way of testing their intentions to build nuclear weapons.

Chaos. That's what Kerry wants. It's his only chance of winning. It's his only chance of deceiving his way into power. And that's just what we will have with Kerry in the White House.


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That man scares me....not just because of this article. I had made up my mind long ago about that. Again, hope everyone's registered to vote. Good post again, HR.
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Howard Roark

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There will be rioting in major cities reguardless of the margin of victory by President Bush. You heard it here first.


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Didn't Gore do this last election????

Seems I remember that it worked to some degree :confused:



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Howard Roark said:
There will be rioting in major cities reguardless of the margin of victory by President Bush. You heard it here first.
I agree with you David!


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seems like the days of knowing who our president-elect would be before we headed to bed election night are now over.

personally, and i don't care how long this takes or what kind of money or manpower are necessary, i think all local election boards across the U.S. should wipe clean the rosters and make everyone come back in, register in person with an acceptable form of ID, and submit to any kind of checks necessary to ensure they are eligible to vote.

yeah, it sounds like a hassle, and it would be for those of us who are registered properly, but i would be willing to put up with this inconvenience if it would clean up this mess! this more intensive process would also guarantee those of us who hold our right to vote sacred are the ones deciding the fate of our country.

the people's votes should decide the election, not lawyers, judges, and the courts!