Kerry tactics

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He's lying again. Telling people in PA., that come 11-2-04 SS will be safe. When will Americans quit being so stupid and listening to the democrats lies. They are race baiting again.


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Once again a confused or brainwashed partisn trys to shed a bad light on goodness and truth .
Kerry said he will not privatize SS , This is a good thing , If Bush had his way and SS became privitized it would flulkuate with the stockmarket ( thats gambling ) with your future and your retirement and remember the market ALWAYS corrects itself ( look at todays values compared to 4 years ago ) people's lives would be ruined .

Race baiting ?? telling people of color that their votes are trying to be done away with by republicans worried about their overwhelming support of the left is race baiting ?? give me a break !! Look at what has happened to the people of Peurto Rico , A republican filed suit and won due to a right wing judge ( Now on Appeal ) to keep Peurto Ricans from being allowed to vote for President , This includes soldiers fighting in Iraq right now 20 of which have died for this country , They are allowed to vote for everything else but not the big job , they were given citizenship in 1917 although not statehood which is the loophole republicans are using , the district of columbia isn't a state either but is considered one for election purposes , So this is simply a blantant attempt by scared stiff republicans that know their end is near :flag: