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Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for a first knife for my 10 year old daughter. I was thinking a single locking blade, but a lock easy enough that it doesn't make her more prone to cuts trying to close it. The unique locking design of Opinel knives comes to mind here. Main uses will be whittling, cutting rope, opening boxes, and other general uses. She has some knife experience, but it's all fixed blade and doesn't have one of her own. This probably should have gone in the On Topic forum, but there's so much knife expertise here. I appreciate any advice and wisdom from other dads!
I think you'll get more help here that on topic. It is hard to make wise cracks in there.

Some kinda folder. Whether it is a lock blade or not depends on how easy it is to close. I'd go easy to operate.

Something Case with 2 or 3 blades would be my gift.
There are so many options, it's hard to pick just son has so many knives I don't even know where to start, due to grandpa cleaning out his stash and giving them away...

My daughter has a few...

I bought them both cheap Light My Fire knives when we first started taking them camping...

Then I bought them both engraved Buck son for passing his Cub Scout level and it is a small aluminum handle Buck, Boy Scouts edition...inexpensive, engraved, and lifetime warranty...

Got my daughter a similar one except not Boy Scouts...

Good luck!


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I found this article. I would imagine most of us had a non-locking blade knife first. The only thing I would suggest about a lock blade is that the child makes sure the blade is locked first.
When I was younger I sometimes had trouble getting all two or three blades out of a regular folder.
I like the lock on the back better than liner locks but that's just me.
An Opinel is a pretty good choice. They have a thin “ slicing “ blade which makes them really good for whittling. You can get either a carbon or stainless steel blade, and they offer many different sizes so you can easily find one to fit her hand. That’s important for a child. They are also inexpensive and easy to sharpen. The only drawback to them is the wood handles, if you get them very wet they will swell making it tough for opening and closing. That is easily fixed by laying them on your truck dash in the sun for a spell. If she loses one it can be easily replaced. They make several different models, I actually prefer the pruning knife because the tip is better suited for skinning.


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I agree with opinel being a good choice maybe a number 6 as its a bit smaller than the number 8, there are some customized options as well. some of the laminated birch looks pretty cool

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If you are anywhere near Old Town Cutlery - on Hwy 400 near Coal Mtn., stop in. They have several options to check out and/or can order most anything you don't see in the store.
I read on blade forum whether to get the Stainless Steel or Chrome Vanadium blade on the Sodbuster, Jr. Most preferred the Chrome Vanadium as holding an edge longer. It's also suppose to be easier to sharpen.