kids fishing trip 7-10-16


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While the rest of the country lost their mind, I took my friend and his 9yr old son fishing. This was a special trip because my friend has moved out of state and we only get to hunt/fish with each other once or twice a year, plus his boat has been out of order for years and doesn't get to take his son fishing as much as he would like. So we didn't touch a rod except to bait hooks. His son landed a little over 15 fish with 5 species including a 7lb striper, a 6lb hybrid, 2 cats, 2 spots, and the rest was a mix of white bass and small-med sized hybrids. He probably had another 15 fish that came off right at the boat by letting slack in the line. I just call it, easy catch and release, but he started learning at the end and landing them by the end of the morning. I'm not sure who had more fun, his son or us watching him reel fish in constantly from 5:30-9:30. If you are not taking kids fishing with you, you are missing out.
enjoy the pics


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Good Job!! and tell the little man War Eagle!!