Kids got drawn for Di-Lane youth quail hunt, now what?

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Ok, so I'm pretty excited as both of my teenage kids got drawn for the February 6 youth quota quail hunt on Di-Lane. Now I need to know what to do as I don't have a bird dog! It says each child can bring one other kid and one adult. They have been on the the Hunt-and-Learns for deer and that had a lot of support from the DNR folks. I have never huinted quail and always wanted to introduce my kids to it. Anyone have any info if we need to find our own bird dogs to use or if someone has a dog they would like to bring? Not sure if the DNR will have folks we can contact. I really want them to have a great first experience hunting Georgia's famous Gentleman Bob.
Any help appreciated,
Congrats on that! I am currently doing quail research on DiLane. Weather permitting the day you hunt, you should have a good hunt this year.

If you want, I can PM you some names of people that have dogs and would be a good mentor to you and your child. I have dogs myself but it would be a borderline conflict of interest for me to volunteer. I know several folks that fits the bill for you.
Congratulations! Di-lane is a beautiful place. I have been lucky enough to hunt it several times and drawn this year aswell. However, even with dogs be prepared to burn some boot leather to have a successful day.
On these quota hunts are the birds "released" birds or are they all wild?
Is the area intensively managed for Quail?
They don’t release. Di Lane is managed for quail, which is why it is quota only and quail doc above does studies on the birds there. As mentioned above, just because it is a quota hunt on habitat that is given the DNR’s best effort at managing for quail, doesn’t mean you are going to automatically kill or even see anything for that matter.