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When I was a young fellow there was a lady in our county who drove a school bus. She wasn't exactly homely or manly but she could probably whip over half the men in the county. She was married to a little skinny fellow who had to carry something around in with him so as not to be blown away by the wind.

In my first marital decision I did not remember that lady very well and married someone who had to be taken care of. In my second, I did and married a deputy US Marshal who spent some years flying around on Con Air unarmed. Now if there is any taking care of to be done there will be two of us to take care of it. LOL


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My daughter now has two daughters of her own. She will have her hands full when they are teenagers! :LOL:

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my oldest daughter now has 3 of her own, and the middle one is a daredevil, Post Toasties hand full. She thinks there ain't nuthing she can't do, and if you tell her that, she will do it or else.

Man, how I love those girls. I have been blessed with 8 grand daughters now, and they are something special


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:rockon: :rofl: :rofl::rofl:



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My daughter is 10 and I'm already dreading this phase. Right now, boys are icky and I'm very happy with that. However, my wife and daughter can literally not have a conversation without it disintegrating into a bunch of fussing. I just try to remain quiet and still hoping they won't notice me. If I could just find me some camo that matched my recliner, it would go a long way to keeping me out of the drama.
Get a recliner that match’s your camo :bounce: probably cheaper


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1) always make the boy come to the door to pick up your daughter for a date.
2) make him shake your hand and look you in the eye, each time.
3) let him know what time you expect him to have your daughter home. Not pulling into the driveway, not 'heading home now'....walking in the front door.

This approach enabled me and her to sort out those not worthy, quickly.


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The mother of my oldest's girlfriend said she's talked about him since 7th grade, they didn't start dating till 10th.
They graduated this past May and I gather she still talks about him all the time. :bounce:


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My 16 yr old daughter had a boy she's liked ask for her number Thursday. Today they talked for 4hrs on the phone. She's been talking about it for the last 3 hrs. Between her and my wife talking about it I can't hear the t.v. facepalm: I feel like my head is gonna explode.
Glad I had 3 sons, only got to worry about 3, not all.


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I hate it for ya. I never had that problem with our two girls. Both had one boyfriend before settling down with a different one and the one they married.

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Yes, sir, you're absolutely right. It's a fine line. There's something to be said for this kid being absolutely scared to death of me so I'm pretty certain he won't do anything bad to her for fear I'll end him. But with that, will he protect her from being hurt by someone else? She's tougher, bigger, stronger and smarter than he is.
I wouldn't worry too much. Sweet Thang is much tougher than me. I'm bigger physically but her heart is much bigger. I'm only stronger physically. She's stronger in any other way. And she's way smarter too. Course she did marry me so maybe she ain't so smart after all.


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As Dad of sons I always worried about one them taking the bait. Young ladies these days got the presentation nailed. A moment of youthful passion turning into a life altering situation. Kids give more thought to creating a good TikTok than creating life.
You got that right. And they flat out "advertise" what they got. It's everywhere. My generation was lucky to be able to find a 2 year old Playboy Magazine to look at when we were 15- 16, much less a social media site or even private text of girls our own age showing us what they got.

99% of adolescents or "teens or "young people" or whatever you want to call them problems come from a promiscuous liberal media, especially social media, defunct school system, several other things but most of all- single parent or no parent homes. Especially in certain demographic and scocio- economic groups.
In short, they have no supervision.

Grandparents raise lot of kids nowadays, separated by a few generations of values and technology- no way the average Grandparent can keep up with a slick teenager today.


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Yeah and there’s a Dad somewhere telling a boy not to get hung up on your daughter. :bounce:

hopper needs to connect with that other dad. They are probably simpatico. :bounce:


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Be very careful what you ask for. Testosterone is necessary for sure but sometimes it comes with too little judgement, direction, dedication, or persistence.

I'm living proof of that very statement and I'm giving lessons on it at a discounted rate.:bounce:


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Raised one and thank goodness she is now happily married and out of the house. The first time I met her now husband, he came early with his sister to decorate my daughter's car for a prom invite. I met him with my pistol. So I know he ain't the scared type.


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A buddy of mine said when he went to pick up a girl for their first date, her dad met him at the door and told him that whatever he did to his daughter on that date, he was going to do to him when he got back. He was pretty graphic about the detail. He said he shook her hand when he dropped her off.


When my oldest daughter was a junior in high school she wanted to date a kid that had already graduated. I told her that he had to sit with me for 20 minutes before they could leave the house. She was afraid I would say things about her. I didn’t say a word. Just stared at him and looked him over. I told her that I needed to be able to pick him out of a lineup in necessary. I did a background check on one with my youngest daughter. He pop up on a statutory rape charge. You gotta protect em.