Killing experience with Bear Razorheads


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Bear razor heads is all I had ever used from when I first started around 1970 using fiberglass arrows and 45 lb re-curve. I have killed deer, bears and pigs with the bear heads and most were pass through. Only reason I quit using them is they became hard to get a few years ago. To me they were the best because they were tough and could be used over and over.
I like the Zwickey no mercy heads in single bevel. I`ve used most all of them including the Bear Razorheads. I killed my first deer with a bow with a razorhead. Still have the broadhead.
Enough said here.....RC... Whats the pig count up to these days?
A couple ba...zillion... This man is a killing machine with a bow. .
I like Grizzly and Sharks for toughness. The only Grizzly that I have had to break was due to the brick I hit on top of my box target. But with this day and time with companies changing hands the quality can change at any time. I'm still shooting Grizzlies from the old owner. I have bent some inserts on the Sharks and changed them out and back into action.