Kimber moving to Troy, Alabama


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Not sure how far along they are at that location now, but I called on them in their building back in February. Nobody would see me, of course (hard to get into any firearms plant without an appointment), but the guards let us in the lobby and we talked guns awhile. At that time, they were moving machinery in. If the virus didn't slow them down too much, by now they ought to be fully operational.


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Guess they figure it's time to getaway away from that cesspool of anti-gun snowflakes in NY.

I’m really afraid for what that locale has done to Dan Wesson.

Prior to covid they were my favorite 1911 manufacturer in terms of quality per dollar spent.

I have no idea how they will weather the NY oppression and handling of this virus.

I found a dealer that has a few of the models I’ve wanted.....I’m searching under the sofa cushions and in my truck’s console for the spare change to buy them before they are gone.... :)

I’d love to see more quality gun manufacturers locate in the South and praying for a Republican win next week.

The only dark winter ahead is if Biden’s Crime Syndicate wins the election.

Best of luck to Kimber.

Best of luck to Taurus.

Sure would be gratifying to see Southern employees right the wrongs of both companies.


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I own one of the Kimber Limited Edition 6.5 CM made in Troy, AL and will vouch for excellent accuracy at least in this study of one. It shoots well below MOA (haven’t taken time to measure but I am guessing .5-.6”). Wood and inletting were great too. Very happy to see firearms industry coming to the south.

Good to hear of the accuracy of yours, ive always been hesitant to buy one due to their reputation. My buddy has had his kimber hunter in 6.5 for a few seasons now, we've tried everything in just doesn't shoot well. It's now his woods gun because of it where he has less than 100 yard shots. I'd love to try a Classic in 257 roberts.