Knight Rifles


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I have been interested in buying a Knight muzzle loader for the past several ;years but due to a lot of internet info, it seems they have had a bunch of customer service issues and manufacturing issues. I like the fact they sell American made rifles and I want to support them even though it appears they have raised their prices through the roof, but who hasn't?

So what is the latest relevant issue with them?

Good, bad, indifferent?

It seems the only consist stable firearm manufacturer these days is Savage.



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I agree the prices are very high. I say go used and look for a Knight Disc Elite. Was considered the most accurate muzzle loader out of the box. Love mine. The Knight team used them to dominate the muzzle loader competitions. The next choice would be a Knight Disc Extreme. Thinking you could save alot of money.


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I agree with an older Knight. I still use a Disc Elite 50 and an MK-85 54 cal.

As mentioned, the Disc Elite was touted as the most accurate way back in the 90s and there is still evidence today it can still hang with the latest models.

My personal favorite inline MLs in order are:

Remington 700 ML (first version)
TC Omega
Knight Disc
Knight MK-85

One of my main gripes with vintage Knight rifles is their awkward plastic jacket 209 priming system. It can be dealt with as the plastic jackets are still available. I have taken to just using musket caps in them though since I only use loose powder or subs these days anyway.

All older inlines have the same problem with 209 priming though. My 700ML has a Badger Creek 209 conversion which is mountains better than the factory 209 setup. It will work with Blackhorn as well.

The Omega thankfully has a good 209 system from the factory. However, it is only designed for loose powder and not compatible with Blackhorn. There are aftermarket breech plugs available for them though.

Newer inlines can be more user friendly. My CVA Wolf is such a breeze to clean and operate, I am not sure why I don’t use it more often.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help in regards to modern Knight rifles. I hear great things about the Mountaineer.