knives in use.....neck-knife pictures added

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Thanks Roger , those are some awesome pics. I am glad it was a good surprize. Looks like you are putting the knife to good use. Come visit for a while when you get back home .Thanks again , Scott
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This is a great thread. Maybe this year we can add somemore pics to it.



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Wish Ida never clicked on this one...last year custom turkey I gotta get a custom knife. ..those are awesome. And what a nice gesture to give not only one but two away. I'm staying away from the gunsmithing forum... fine work guys.
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Thank you sir, from everyone. All the knifemakers here are just plain ole good folks. Thanks for looking. Scott
My daughter first deer and my first deer with my CRex

Could not have asked for better results. My daughter expressed interest in hunting for the first time and got to use my CRex for the first time also.

This is the first time I was able to clean a deer without having to sharpen my knife atleast twice. I cleaned the whole deer and the blade kept its edge for the entire process.

Thanks Carl it was $$ well spent.


Great pics Scott. Hopefully that knife is just getting started doing what it was made to do. Congrats to your daughter, nice start.
Need to bring her along with Denton to the spring Trackrock event. She can make her very own knife for next year's big ol' buck.
If you get a chance, post some pics of Denton's knife at work on them bushy tails.
Thanks for sharing.
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Heres my Tabor in action last week fishing down the Amazon.
One of its many uses. Thanks Raleigh!

They call it a sudabae (not sure how to spell it) its a type of catfish obviously, possibly the Tiger Catfish but they said it wasn't called that. Our pilot said he and his son caught one a few years ago that weighed 160lb. They are pretty fish, I love the stripes & spots on them.
Also caught some freshwater Golden Dorado. :D
new pic to keep this thread going

This is one is a neck knife I made. Flat ground 440C, beadblasted except the full height grind. This simple design is meant to be ultra lightweight and looks like an overgrown scalpel (razor sharp of course).

This evening I skinned this copperhead out for Razor Blade to use in his excellent sheaths.

*I am not fond of snakes but not quite deathly afraid. I haven't skinned one in years and this guy squirming and trying to strike me (headless) an hour after I shot him was creepy. I finally had to lay a big chain on his neck so I could work in peace. :rofl:


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That's a great pic Owen. Thank you. Scott
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congats Zac. Nice deer and nice knife. Scott


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That's what I'm talking about. Good job injun joe.

I love shootin woodies. It's a blast.


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Just got back from a late season hunt at my buddy's farm. I got this nice 8 pt and a doe. I used these two I made to process both deer. Both were quartered and de-boned as well.

Both knives were still shaving after these two. Mr Razor Blade did a good heat treat! I really enjoyed using a rifle my buddy barreled with my handloads and finished with knives I made (with Razor Blade's HT and guidance).

Buck was 237 yards and doe was 219. Berger 142 VLD out of a 6.5-284.