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I talked with Handgunner the other day and asked if i could donate 3 knives to his hand gun shoot and he said that would be super; so ime going to give a nice sheath knife to the person with the biggest scoreing horns and a matching set of knives to the winning team ,Hope the winners will enjoy them, Ill try and make some real nice ones
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That won`t be any problem, every knife you make is a nice one. Sho-nuff nice!! :)


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Thanks SB that's great of you, Goes to show there are a lot of woodies out there that are considerate :bounce:, and a lot of thankful ones as well. :flag:
AARRGGHH I forgot to sign up....

Oh well I more than likely wont kill anything with a handgun anyway... I will be sure to sign up next year tho.


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Thank you so MUCH for the donation Raleigh!!!!!

Now, I just gotta be on the winning team AND shoot the biggest buck............ which is tied up behind the house here.. :bounce: