Kolomoki Mounds Camping

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How is the camping at Kolomoki Mounds State Park? If the weather clears up for the weekend I’d like to take my two sons (9 & 11) camping for a night.

We would be tent camping, which they have never experienced. They have always had the luxuries of an RV.

Is the fishing any good?

Tom W.

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I've never camped there, as I lived in Eufaula which isn't too far away. I caught some kind fish in the first pond, the second pond I didn't get to fish, but they have a decent ramp and the grass is usually mowed,.
I went a year ago or so and found that the office where they used to display the cut into burial mound no longer has the real bones. About eight years ago the local Indians complained, but did allow fiberglass replicas. Evidently they looked too real and the park Service had to remove them. Now all that you can look at is where the burials were, a 15 minute movie, and some old pottery shards.
But you gotta stop there for parking permits and such.


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10 or 12 years ago we tent camped there while deer hunting. If I remember correctly, it was a nice campground.


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We Camped there last year on the way to SGI. Enjoyed the campground and will probably do the same again on one of our trips. I can't say much for the fishing though. I had all Saltwater gear with me and only threw a topwater a few dozen times.
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Delayed update :

We camped for only one night, but the boys enjoyed it and the scenery was nice. Hiked up to the top of the big mound on the first evening to watch the sunset. It got cold that night, but I brought a small heater for the tent and we stayed toasty.

Lake was flooded and very, very muddy from all of the rain.

Nice place to get away for a night or two.