Lacrosse Agility Snake boots

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I tried a pair this turkey season. I’m well pleased so far. I’ve put about 20 miles on them give or take. They are much much easier to pull on and take off than last years 4X model. No boot jack needed for these. Very comfortable, a little warm but wear like regular rubber boots. I was only able to find them on the internet, none of the big stores had them in stock. $169 seemed to be the going price, $183 including standard shipping. They are 17 inches from the ground to the top, a little taller than normal. Might catch a shorter person in the back of the knee, might not. These aren’t my pictures. 13C48AF5-8DC9-4969-85E4-267E5E13AE7A.jpeg 92827770-93D6-40E5-8D5A-55F4C72C27EB.jpeg