Ladd McConkey

Howard Roark

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Does he have NFL potential?


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Brady has made more than a few possession receivers quite wealthy. Recently read where Brady hardly ever looks receivers off, or goes thru progressions, instead just going with his gut with what he is seeing at the line of scrimmage. Ladd kinda reminds me of a Wesley Welker. Hard nosed with good hands.


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That boy can flat out get open and most of the time, he comes down with the ball. I don't see him as a big hype player at the next level, instead like west said above, a Wesley Welker blue collar clutch receiver.

mrs. hornet22

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Yep, lot's of good possession receivers have made careers in the nfl.

Joe Montana to Jerry Rice
Tom Brady to Randy Moss
Brett Favre to Sterling Sharpe
Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin
Johnny Unitas to Raymond Berry
Ken Stabler to Fred Bilitnikoff

Put the right QB under center and McConkey will be a standout.


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I would take Ladd over Gilbert 10 outta 10 times. It's not the talent but the heart.

I don't care what anybody says about him. The boy gets himself open and he's finally learned how to hold on to the ball once he catches it. $10 sez he'll be a standout next year if Carson Beck can put the ball on the money.