Lake Allatoona Fishing Report 1/31/22

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Allatoona is down maybe 15ft, with some heavy stain. Kind of muddy in the creeks but cleaner on the main Lake. Creeks are cooler than the main lake as well. Bass are scattered, some deep and some shallow. Baitfish and hard cover are key to locating them. The fish are relating more to rock than any soft bottom and shell beds and they're using points, humps and bluff walls as ambush points. Finesse gear and downsizing in general may be a factor, as the bait they're eating are small, only 2-3 inches in length. Small jerkbaits, crankbaits and finesse worms and jigs are getting the most bites. Bold colors are another big factor due to water clarity. Water temp is 46-48 degrees main lake, but were as low as 39 in the creeks the past two weeks and bass aren't fully active, but will still react to a bait presented to them as long as the speed is right. Crappie are hunkered down into deeper brush piles and hanging out around docks and bridges. Vertical fishing with jigs and minnows is producing the most fish. Use bold colors here also. White, chartreuse and pink are all good picks. White bass and hybrids are following schools of bait as well. The spoon bite has been off this year, as the fish aren't low in the water column, but mostly suspended. Down lines and A-Rigs are getting better numbers. All species are in the same depth range of 15-30ft, but don't be surprised to see them deeper along bluff walls and channel bends. I actually caught a channel cat in 40+ feet on a spoon.

Buddy of mine won a tourney last week on the lake doing the same pattern in the same areas with the same baits I had figured out plus got big fish. When I went with him I caught 18-21 ish bass plus a bonus hybrid. Later that week he went and had a 30+ fish day and won big fish prize. They're definitely there to be caught if you know how to look for and target them! IMG_3710.jpg IMG_20220127_133123.jpg IMG_20220127_133118.jpg IMG_20220127_130708.jpg IMG_20220123_131753.jpg IMG_20220127_095734.jpg