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Never been much of a bass fisherman but bought a boat to start fishing with my son. Any advice on what they are biting right now? I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to bass fishing but I’m pretty green. Just trying to shorten the learning curve a little bit and catch a few fish with my boy. I was looking at putting in around the Coopers Creek ramp near the dam.


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Google shaky head. I like junebug or pumpkin seed chartreuse Zoom Finess worms but other colors/brands work. Good bait throughout the year to catch fish.


...just joking, seriously.
Don't forget the crappie/hybrid/striper bite ...


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Allatoona is a structure deprived lake. Good electronics will pay big dividends on this lake. There are some rock piles and a few stump fields around. a shakey head is your best friend. I have always done best with a dark green with metal flake color zoom finese worm.
If going right now Spotted bass are coming off the bed. Weightless flukes and belly weighted soft swimbaits along clay banks with some rocks fished parallel to the bank will catch fish. Fish it slow and keep line with little slack. Watch your line. Hybrids will be schooling this month also. Have a topwater or jerkbait at the ready. This weekend being post frontal and cool will slow these bites considerably. Shad are spawning also. If you see a shad spawn along the bank youre golden. Throw flukes and shallow running cranks along the shad flipping. Bass will be feeding on them. Visible shad spawns are and hour or two after first light. Wont last long. If you see it fish it.
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