Lake Carrol

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Fished there yesterday after work for the first time

I thought it would set up good for skipping docks. Place is shallow shallow, all the pockets were very shallow. We just managed three small ones.

Has this place ever been good but changed - silted in? Don't know whether to go back or not.

greg j

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Drove by the boat launch area today and there were about 12 car//truck with boat trailers parked everywhere that they could find a spot. That's the most i have ever seen on that lake. I guess something is biting....
Don't give up on the lake. It has some very nice bass in it for the pressure it tends to get. For whatever reason, I have caught more big bass in the early fall period. It can be a very fun lake in the summer just for numbers. Topwater poppers in the evenings will get out a lot of bites. Whacky rigged worms are a good go to due to the shallow nature of the structure. There is some vegetation as well that you can fish the same rig.