Lake Lanier: A crappie thank you...

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To all those who post information on this site, thank you. I know I have learned a lot.

Loaded up with some small minnows and put in at Nix Bridge for the first time with hopes of finding quiet coves with fallen trees. I found just that in a few places. Water temperature was between 61-62 degrees. No great numbers but the quality was great in my opinion. I say that because I had never caught a crappie before yesterday. My setup was a mosquito hook, a tiny split shot about foot up and a float about 3 feet above the bait. I was surprised by the size of the crappie. The photos I have seen don’t do the fish justice. An ultra light setup with 4 lbs test was perfect. I found some small spots mixed in but caught a nice spot as well which took awhile to get in with my rig. I’d get 1-2 fish from each log in about 16-18 of water. The bite wasn't automatic and I'd have to wait for the bait to float into the structure. The smaller crappies seemed to be shallow and the spots were even shallower. All and all, I kept 4 dark ones (one turned out to be a female) and had a great unexpected fish dinner with the family. Good luck out there!

Think twice before launching at a single lane boat ramp. Just say’n!



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Thanks for paying it forward and sharing information. Love fishing on ultra light.


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I don't think that's a spot. That's one of those Largemouth's that Lake Lanier isn't supposed to have anymore.
That dock in the background of your spot picture has more brush under it than the National Forest does. Me and about 500 other folks have been putting it in those slips for years now. You can catch crappie there in 95% weather!