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Lanier is producing differently than Allatoona. The bait and fish are larger and they're responding to full size crankbaits, finesse swimbaits, jigs, and normal size jerkbaits well. The vision 110+1 is a major player as well as a jig in a crawfish color. The water is much cleaner, so natural patterns are working best. The difference here is they can actually SEE what you're using so no need to try to help them find it.
Water temp is about 46 degrees and the bass are willing to strike reaction baits, but when they get fussy, showing them the finesse jig or a shaky head has worked. Letting a jerkbait sit in their face for about a 7-9 count has worked well too when it's cold early and when they're being finicky. Hard rock cover and quick access to deep water are needed for the shallow bite. Look for long deep points with chunk rock, steep clay banks, bluff walls and jetties. The deep bite mostly revolves around finding active schools of fish around bait balls, usually along the channels and in the ditches. The A-rig, drop shot, damiki rig, jigging spoon or finesse swimbait is working on these deeper fish. They're pretty dang good size too, with a 3.6lb average. The biggest fish have been over 4lbs but not quite 5 unless you go looking for largies on the north end of the lake. As I was out fun fishing, there was a tourney going on that morning with winning bag being 17-18lbs. I'd already had 12lbs with the first 3 fish landed within the first hour on the water. Come to find out I could've cashed a check on both toona and lanier back to back if I'd participated and really tried. Maybe I'll start being a co angler?

Dunno where the crappie are cause I haven't looked, but I'd bet money they're around deeper docks, bridges, brush piles, and marinas. I'd probably look for them 15-25ft deep. Vertical still fishing instead of jigging, maybe try tipping a small marabou crappie jig with a live minnow.

As for striper, the likely thing to do would be to look for bait along channels and especially those near flats and around islands, trolling bucktails and downlines.

Good fishin'!
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