Lake Lanier May 11, 12. Bass fishing and duck hunting......

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Bass fishing remains very good if you are in the right areas at the right time. I have only had one slow trip recently but caught limits last week every trip I went on.

I took a day off church and shouldn't have because Sunday morning was slow.We fished Sunday morning from 7ish to 10ish and hit a couple of areas that we had not fished in a while. My buddy caught a nice spotted bass up shallow on a small Spook on his first cast and said "That is bad luck!". I told him I did not believe in that old superstition and I even bring bananas on the boat but danged if it didn't seemed to be true. We only caught 4 keepers by 11, The first one of the day on a Chrome and blue Spook in a nice quiet cove, and then 2 on the SPRO McStick and the last one on a 1/8th ounce Gamakatsu Alien Head and Big Bites Finesse worn.

We did watch an angler catch several on a top water (they were big enough to see at about a quarter of a mile away). I also know my buddy was fishing all by his self in his small bass club's tournament and he had his limit on the first stop with a McStick and Sebile Magic Swimmer and then culled up several times with a variety of lures and worms with a Texas Rig, Drop Shot and Shaky Head and he won with 15 plus pounds. So to say the least - the fish were biting we just were doing the wrong thing in the wrong place.

Monday was a different story. I got my Nitro gassed up and went running and gunning out on the main lake points and humps from 4 PM until 9:30 PM. I only needed one lure on deck, my old trusty McStick, and caught several good fish and several more keepers, some were prespawn but I think most were post spawning or spawned already and the were eating our lures good.

Cast the McStick out to the shore or over shallow humps. Reel it so it bounces of bottom and most of your bites will occur as it breaks free off the bottom. That being said allow your lure to swim at medium speed all the way back to the boat as a lure as a lot of spots hit our lures very close to the boat.

My buddy Chris also caught a nice spotted bass on a
SPRO BBZ1 six inch trout after dark and also had caught several during the week out of my boat and also up around Sardis creek from the shore...

We also caught and released this cute duck. I know it's chances are not very good but if you see it swimming around out in the main lake or mouth of Shoal Creek throw it some crackers as it knows how to eat those and maybe it's mother will find it before a fox, coyote or raccoons do.

Good fishing and God Bless! Eric Aldrich



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Great info!

That was nice of you to take care of that duck :) Hopefully he'll get lucky and make it because of nice people like you.