Lake Lanier spotted bass 1/24-1/25 on fire! Pic heavy

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chad smith

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Over the weekend I fished lake Lanier with 2 groups one of which were from France that came down to visit family!
Between 2 days we boated over 50 spotted bass with our best 5 each day pushing 20lbs!
Using blueback herring down lined in ditches and around steep rock ledges and also dropping spoons! The fish in the ditches would just be stacked on each other lying on the bottom and we would catch 7-8 fish per ditch! The ditches are loaded right now!

Boated tons of doubles and triples!
The bite on Lanier is on fire!
The winds on Lanier were horrific on Saturday blowing straight line 30mph by noon but the bass didn't care! Water temps were 48-49 degrees with a light stain in the back of creeks and clear on the main lake! Here are some pics from the 2 days!
 photo 0079FCF1-0081-438E-80B9-C759C0CE3A13_1.jpg
 photo 06047FB8-6B41-4071-AF34-521FD7AB5611.jpg
 photo 68C31B3E-9B05-4444-A5B9-767EE50849FE.jpg
 photo C75A865B-AC93-470C-9249-B38CA217EB24.jpg
 photo E1A640FC-B539-439C-A199-156746CEE83D.jpg
 photo 11DDEB04-A948-4451-8420-9B7EB475BABD.jpg
 photo 1B9965B0-ED37-4771-83CA-0BB2BD52FA57.jpg
 photo 9478C0BE-65B3-4F95-B982-26778A83FBB1.jpg
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 photo C75A865B-AC93-470C-9249-B38CA217EB24.jpg