Lake Lanier Update 6/13/14

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What a great week out on Lanier. I was out on trips everyday this week and it was a fantastic week of fishing.

The lake is about a inch below full pool and the water temps on the lower end are hanging right around 80. I get 79 at places and 81 at others. Remember that is surface temp and the water in 15-20 feet should be still a good bit cooler..

The weather this week gave us a little bit of everything. Some sun, some clouds, some wind and some still We still are getting some cooler weather at times which makes the heat easy to handle.

For fishing this week, not a lot has changed but we have been doing a new technique that has really paid off. For the most part this week, we have had three baits tied on the deck. A topwater bait, a casting jig and a swimming jig.

For topwater, I have had my best success with the Chug Bug. I have been working a white and a shad colored chug bug all over the lower end, especially early in the day, on points and humps and caught some nice fish. This is a pretty typical bite for us and it really has not changed from the previous years.

I have been marking a lot of fish out on the bottom this week in 18-25 feet of water and for those fish, I have been dragging a 3/8oz Green Craw jig with a twin tail trailer. Sounds like a broken record but this thing is just working. Not really much else to say about it.

But for most of our fish this week, and most of the really big ones, we have been working a Green Pearl 3/8oz SpotSticker swim jig out over the structure. This bait has been getting us 2-1 or even 3-1 bites over brush this week. I started working on this deal last year and just never got things perfected. The past few weeks, we have done just that.

I am rigging my jig with two trailers right now. A Zoom, white twin tail grub and a Reaction innovations small skinner dipper. Both have worked all week. I am working that jig on the same rod and reel as I would a normal jig. A 7 foot Medium heavy bait caster (St Croix Avid Series) and 12 Pound Fluorocarbon line. I think you can use 14 and be OK but I did not have any 14 this week. I will get some this weekend and check it out next week.

I have just been making long casts over the brush and humps and slow rolling it back. Just like you would any swimbait or fish head on Lanier. The fish are chomping that thing. It is a great bite as well. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. Ive got jigs if you need them and I have some at Oakwood and Hammonds as of today..

Another word of caution for guys out there. If you have not been to Lanier in a while, there are a good many of the shallow reef poles that have been knocked down by boaters and have not been replaced by the COE. This is unusual as they normally replace them quickly. Some of these missing reef poles are a real threat. Do not get too close to things unless you know where you are.

Just a few pictures from this afternoons trip with Chad and Finley Edwards. Finley hangs very well for a 7 year old. Even though he is a Georgia Bulldog fan. SMH

Good luck out there everyone and Happy Fathers Day to all the dads..


Very nice!