Lake Rabun


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Hit Rabun yesterday for the first time, and had a blast. Bass and pickerel on the jerkbait and swimbait.

Any of y'all fish up there a good bit?

I got the Kayak in at Rabun Beach. What other accesses are there? I saw a marina that looked like it might've been public access.

Is there a website for the release schedule, and draw down schedule?

Any good spots to over-night up there?

Post or PM, TIA(as always).

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Cant say iv had any luck up there. Been a while since i been


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There is public access at the marina. There is also another ramp between the marina and the beach. It is at what they call the Big Basin. Parking for only a few rigs. It is right on the main road and the ramp hits the water right beside a boat house. Look close or you will miss it. The folks that own the boat house don't like that ramp....but nothing they can say about people using it...which is very few. I use it some in the spring when I take my flat bottom and bream fish that area of the lake.
As far as a over night spot, there ain't much of anywhere to put up a hammock and build a fire. The campground at the beach is almost your only choice....unlike the other lakes up here. The others have spots you can do 1 nighters. I wouldn't want to do more than 1 night around Burton, and then it would be up at the head of the lake in the Tallulah River. There is a couple of good spots up there for a few nights. The green man would probably get called on ya anywhere else. They rest have a few spots..some more than others.
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