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It's getting closer to season and getting harder to find clubs with openings and leases available. While searching for myself I have found several leases and clubs and posted them. A few people have benefitted from them. I'm deleting my other posts and compiling them along with others here. I don't know anything about them. Just helping out fellow hunters.

Land Leases:

Glascock County 550 acres- $15/acre

Clinch County 796 acres- $6600
286 acres- $2400

Ware County 227 acres- $1900
461 acres- $3800 103 acres- $850

Clubs Seeking Members (didn't call to ask price of each or verify if still seeking but it's listed):

Harris County 562 acres
Talbot County 447 acres
Glynn County 1127 acres
Glynn County 3471 acres
Mcintosh County 211 acres
Charlton County 2288 acres
Charlton County 1692 acres
Taliaferro County 191 acres
Washington County 319 acres
Hancock County 958 acres

Hope this helps and good luck.
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Alright I pm'ed members who were looking in this area or live in this area now I'm posting it here. 58 acres in Douglas county on Carroll and Paulding line for $980. Let's see how long it lasts.

Update; it's leased
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Couldn't find any members searching in this area to pm so posting here. Bacon county 254 acres for $1775 which is super cheap. Not too far north of Waycross.

Update; it's leased
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