Lanier 10/15-16/16

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Water Temp - 71
Water Clarity - 4ft +

Forgot to post some stuff from this weekend. Saturday was the better day for me, but both were slow compared to late in the week. I wasted a bunch of time fishing too shallow due to reading and listening to too many posted reports. I got bit at those shallow depths, but had to move out to 30 ft to find the right fish. The fish will just about hit what ever you want to throw. I caught fish on lipless, underspin, jerk bait, jig and swimbait but topwater and drop shot were the best baits for me. The afternoon bite also seemed much better to me.

I started off saturday based on a report that said there were 2 different patterns at two depth ranges. One of the cool features of garmin is being able to highlight 10 different depth ranges. Here I have three depth ranges highlighted.... 0-5 ft in red is my shallow depth warning, 8-12 ft is light green and 12-18 ft is darker green.

here is an example of 10 depth ranges highlighted

here is a good example of the power of real chirp. It really opens up the brush and allows you to see the fish inside the brush

browns bridge bridge piling on panoptix

using panoptix to pinpoint the brushpile 110 foot out in front of the boat. All those cast you're making to a think you're actually casting to the target? you'd be surprised how often your not. Panotix shows you where the target actually is.

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