Lanier 4-24-15

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Water Temp - 61
Water Clarity - 4ft +

Had a rare opportunity today to get out during the week. I sure wish I had the chance to do it more often. I wasted most of the morning in the creeks catching small fish, but moved out to the main lake around 10. I basically fished shallow summer spots. Points, flats and rocky points that topped out at around 10 feet. Not as many bites out there, but better size. Managed 10 out there all on the red eye shad. I did get some swipes at the mini-me spinnerbait when the wind picked up, but they just wouldn't commit. Awesome weather and you have to love the lack of boat traffic during the week.

Thanks for the reports and keep them coming! Your last report persuaded me into doing things a little different. Hit the lake yesterday and caught some good spots. Love Lanier in the spring before the boat traffic gets too crazy.
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I got Back out today (Sunday) for a few hours before the fidiots got out. Caught a bunch in the creeks with a weightless fluke just running the bank



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We had a good day yesterday (Sunday) ended up with ten. The only bad part was dodging, and having to hear the stupid drag boats. I just dont understand the draw to those things. Id be embarrassed to drive something that loud
Excellent write-up Troy. I love being able to get out during the week myself. It doesn't happen nearly as often as it should.


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I have given up on the big water on the weekends, it has become dangerous.


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what type of hook setup do you use on the fluke. I noticed that you have a Treble hook and a keeper on the eye of the hook. Can you tell me what size main hook and treble hook you use. Do you think the red colored hook makes a difference??

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i dont even know if they make those hook any more. they are just a 3/0 red hook that comes with a bait keeper. I cant find any on taklewarehouse. I'll try to grab you a pic of the pack if I can find one. the treble is just one i grabbed out of my box so I dont know the size of that. I like the red cause it gives me confidence and i have seen times where I think it makes a difference. I dont have any scientific proof though lol