Lanier 7-16 - Finally Fishing

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Water Temp - 85
Water Clarity - 4ft +

I took the time to actually do some fishing sunday instead of scanning all morning. I fished from 6-10 and ended up with 20+ fish. Nothing much has changed and the basic pattern won't change for a while. I did go slightly deeper for the larger fish. there are a ton of dinks up in that 15-20 range but I found the much larger fish out in the 25-35 foot range. Same baits as everyone else....topwater, spotsticker drop shot worms and underspin. Same locations...points and humps with brush. With the cloud cover early most of the fish were cruising around the brush instead of being in it. It was nice to get some fishing in. Riding around all day staring at your graph get's boring.

even this guys was catching them



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Picture above reminds me that last summer my wife and I watch a buzzard "fishing" from our kayaks. It stood on the bank with it's wings spread and the sun at it's back. Then when minnows came up into the shade it would grab them. It's the only time I've ever seen one go after anything alive.