Lanier 9-12

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South end from 10-1. Lots of bait in the creek bays before they empty into the main river. Caught 5 bass and a striper on the spoon. Baits used: whopper plopper, soft swimbait in ice, and Norman DD22 in sexy shad. Topwater and swimbait over brush 16-30ft. Crankbait on deep points.

Dropshot has been painfully slow. Am not throwing it much. Too many window shoppers. My experience right now is that the bigger bass want a moving bait.


Lanier Jim

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Someone called me today and asked about the slow drop shot bite. I haven't been out in several days due to getting new boat set up. I will say that I had alot of window shoppers back a week ago...just had to stay after it and keep moving hitting 30-35 places.