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The week has drawn to an end, and with it the fishing has improved from my dismal start.
Benjie Winkler and I fished a half day yesterday and put 13 Lanier specials in the boat and had several other good fish pull off. We also had some grown ones that wanted to follow, but just never committed. Walking top water baits ruled on Thursday. Cane walkers, Sammy’s, and Gunfish. Of note, I did catch my first striper of fall on a gun fish. A great sign of things to come when those guys start coming up.
Today started out slow, but I hit a good flurry this afternoon and put another 8 in the boat. Unlike yesterday, topwater did not rule. But a chrome sebel in the wind did. A fast retrieve was needed. That being said, if I got followers and they would not commit, I’d kill the retrieve. Each time I did this, the followers bit. On several occasions it was two or three fighting for the bait as it sank.  BTW…I’ve heard that Lanier Baits has one heck of a sebel type bait available now…
For me, the bottom 20% or so of the lake is fishing much better than the mid lake/ river forks areas. It goes to show that if you are not getting bit in one area, a bold change may be worth the time.
Water temps today were solidly in the low 80s which is a very welcome change. Here is to a huge week next week.
Lastly, todays wind driven waves reminded me just how grateful I was to be in my 21ft Triton. I made several cross lake and up and down wind runs today without a single jarring of my spine and managed to stay dry to boat. If you have back issues and you are not happy with the ride of your boat, give one of the bigger Triton a ride. I really can’t say enough about how impressed I’ve been with this boat.


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I Finally got back out on Lanier this weekend thanks to waking up @ 4 and not being able to go back to sleep. Only landed 12 but had a good average size over 3# with only one dink for the day. They were scattered due to the overcast conditions and I caught them on everything I used. Chug bug, sebile, fluke, spy bait and drop shot. Took a few pictures, but somehow did not get a picture of what was probably the biggest one while I was talking to my son.



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Nice fish! ? Why do bass fisher-person photo fish lipped vs horizontal like trout fisher-person? just curious thanks for feed back.


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I was by myself, so no choice.