Lanier - Awesome 50 Fish Day!

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Lanier Jim

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Out today with fellow forum member Teebert started around the water at 4pm. Boy, what a day....and I mean, what a day! Tom is new to drop shot fishing but caught on quick....quick enough that we boated 50 fish today!

Here's the details....started off the morning with topwater...first couple of places, fish all around us but could only get a couple of small fish to hit. As soon as the sun got up a little - we started topwater then moving in to drop shot.

At around 9am....Teebert was leading big girls, just some keeper spots. That's when I said it's time to start dropping more. So, we started the top and drop pattern and started killing them! Tom even got his first drop shot fish...we're talking a newbie to the "FWC" (Fairy Wand Club) :)

Hitting waypoints in 20'-25' of water....we were running and gunning boating fish on almost every place. Kind of funny....when we started, we said the goal was 15 fish....if we get there, it would be 20...then 25...and so on. Man - Fruity Worms and a couple of Robo's were on fire today!

Well, around 10am, we had hit the 15 mark on the drop shot....then it really picked up...doubles were frequent. Then at 3:18pm....we boated #41 and I said..."well, goal is now 45" 3:35pm....I pulled on a waypoint and we doubled up back to sitting at 45 with 20 minutes left.

Hit another waypoint....BOOM....another double...then a single...sitting at 48 ...time, 3:52. I said," last place before time runs out at 4pm....pull up and again, BOOM...another double and we hit the 50 mark!

Great day Teebert...a lot of laughs and a ton of fish. I know you're sold on the drop shot now :) No big girls today...just a ton of keepers with a few 2.5# fish mixed in. Back out Friday on a trip....hope to see you out there...I'm worn out!



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Daggum 50 is quite a haul, way to go fellars.
Absolutely AWESOME bass fishing day ever by probably triple. We did start out a little slow despite them exploding all around us, but not long before we got into them. I admit I was getting a little worried for about five minutes but things quickly changed. Then I started to worry about LJ because he was starting to fall behind me. I figured he was holding out on me to make me feel good but he says no way! Then just to prove it he catches a bass on a bare hook! No worm!!!!!!

It felt like we were all over that lake, boy let me tell you, we worked hard for those 50 fish. My arm is about to fall off from popping that top water all day. But the best part was indeed the drop shot. Every one I caught I would lift up a little and it would feel heavy and I wasn't sure if I had a fish or not so I'd start reeling and then pause for a half a sec to see if anything was on the line and most of the time there was.

Jimmy you sure did make a believer out of me! I'm sold on that drop shot. If you guys get a chance to see him work his magic I'd highly recommend it, it would be a day well spent. Hope we can do it again soon!
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Lanier Jim

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Thanks for the kind words Teebert....I figured you got hooked :) Yeah - we hit around 30 places all in a certain depth range. I forgot all about that no worm fish. Story....if you get line twist drop shotting, you can take off your worm and make a long cast with just hook/weight. Then pinch line as you reel in to push all twist towards the hook. Do that 3 times and you will get most of the line twist out. Well, I cast out to do it...and a few seconds later I tell Teebert "A fish hit my bare hook"....sure enough, I had on a keeper spot...about 14". That was a first for me.

Worley - it was on like donkey kong as soon as I figured out the depth and what the fish were doing. Few bites on topwater for we went down to get them.
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Lanier Jim

Senior Member means topwater and drop shot fishing. Throw over top of brush with topwater then ease in and drop shot.
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Lanier Jim

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Thanks was tough on the body...up/down all day in the heat. Once I figured it out, we were running and gunning picking up fish at every stop. We missed and broke off more fish...I'm guessing another 8-10. I'm paying for it today - old body is tired :)


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That wasn't a fishing trip!
That was a beat down mugging! Lol
Fo Sho
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Lanier Jim

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Hey Jim....we still going to Parker Spoon fish soon?
Hey Jim....we still going to Parker Spoon fish soon?
Yes we are LJ. I'm hanging with the grandson this week but we'll be out from time to time. He's been spending most of his time in the pool so far. I took him out with Lisa on Saturday morning and he was pretty nervous with all the boat traffic. He said he didn't like the boat traffic but we'll be striper fishing this week.
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Just let me know Jim....if nothing else, there will be trash talking and laughing.