Lanier - Awesome Day in the Wind!

Lanier Jim

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Out today with Richard and what a day it was. First stop - we pulled up on a mega school I've been tracking for a while now and it didn't disappoint. Started with topwater and swimbait with no luck...pulled out the drop shot. Richard said he's never seen a school like that. Boated 5 fish in short time on the DS. Moved on...Second stop was another mega school I've been watching....and sure enough, another fish or two. Kept running with moving baits with no luck....would ease in and drop, bingo.

Pulled up on one place and Richard lost two toads on the swimbait...had one come off and another swirled at his bait right next to the boat. We did boat another fish or two on the DS.
We set a goal to have 12 in the boat by 10am. At exactly 10am...Richard stuck #12 on the DS and lost it. At 10:07am...we boated #12. I had figured out where the fish were holding with the front and I said, "Lets set another goal...25"....Richard said "let's do it".

Off we go...I'm running the pattern....and the pattern was drop off ledges. The fish were positioned right on the ledge down around 22'-25' falling down to 40'-50' drop offs. I showed Richard on the LakeMaster chip what I was looking for and what we were doing. The pattern stayed solid for the next few hours and we boated some solid spots...I mean good and healthy footballs. I even picked up a striper on the swimbait. Lots of doubles today...

Around 2:00pm - we were at 24 needing only 1 for our goal. The next hour - we had #25 on several times and could not put that dang fish in the boat. Blue Lily, the new Natural Shad test color, and LJ's Passion did the damage today. Dang - we worked hard for #25 and just couldn't boat it.
Always a fun time with Richard...lots of laughs and some serious fishing. Dude is a believer in the drop shot now
:) Got home...fired up the Primo with lump and mesquite chunks...grilling some massive ribeyes and taters. Trips the next 5 days straight...wish me luck. LJ


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