Lanier - Carp in Tuxedos and Spotted Bass

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Lanier Jim

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On the water this morning with Monty. As you would assume, it was a little slow but we still managed 8 fish in a few hours. The carp in tuxedos fish got started early.

First a striper hits my topwater...then a striper jumps on Monty's fluke. Boy did he have a fight...the fish went under the boat and surfaced...yes surfaced...on the other side. Monty had his rod way off the boat keeping the line free from the boat and engine. Monty was finally able to work his rod around the engine and we netted the fish. This is when chaos really started.

Anybody that's been in the boat with me knows I don't like my net has a big hole in it. Well, I ease the fish in the net and it takes off through the Monty is fighting the fish through the hole in the net :) Finally got him back up and got him in the net.

After a couple more spots on the fluke - the sun came out and the moving bait bite slowed. So, we picked up the drop shot. Monty has never I gave him a few pointers...he makes his first drop...and his rod loads up. Spot in the boat.

Next few places - we drop and boat a couple fish...then pull up on the last waypoint before pulling out....his phone rings and is on the phone ....I drop down and "tick" in boat...drop right back down..."thump"...another in the boat. They were all over the new Blue Lily today...about 25' of water in brush.

Called it a day when we started taking waves of the bow and the all the folks from yesterday woke up and hit the water. Man, below Browns Bridge started getting crazy! Tons of fun and laughs today....Hope to see you out openings Wednesday and Friday - send me a PM if interested... LJ


Papa Bear

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Looks like you had a good day before the crazies hit the lake LJ! How's the new boat doing? By the time i figure out your ride LJ you got a new ride. It's getting your time to shine drop shotting on the pond. Still need to get my ducer in one day when you have a little time, no hurry.
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Lanier Jim

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It's already here Papa....I'll get to it soon....just make sure it's good and clean/dry back there. I've got another boat coming in tomorrow but have several trips...and of course, the rain!


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Yes the report looks really good Now...