Lanier Crappie 1/29-2/1

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Jeff Blair

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The crappie fishing is still going good. Had to work a little harder for them over the weekend due to fishing pressure. The next 5-6 weeks should be some good fishing. Typically the first of March I will be back to chasing the stripers around. So far the jigs and colors they want have been changing every day if not multiple times on one day. Plus one day they want it moving slow the next they wanting it jigged fast. The only consistent thing I've been doing is using 1/32oz jigs.



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Keeping the boat slimed with fish, I like it!

Deer Tic

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Good to know. Getting my crappie stuff together as we speak for a trip in the very near future.


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Nice mess a Sac a lait!
Congrats my friend!
I hope to see ya soon!
My job thang is gittin in the way of my fishing!
Fo Sho!