Lanier - Drop & Top (pic hvy)

Lanier Jim

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*Mother home from hospital - check.
*Grocery store - check.
*Daughter to sit with mom - check.
Hey - let go fishing...check!

On the water today with Coby...who needed some help with his Lowrance units - so we tied up and headed out. Set his units up and tested them - all good - time to start fishing.

First stop was a tree off a roadbed - Coby's first drop was a solid 3# spot...caught a couple more smaller fish - moved on.

Next hole was topwater time well off a reef pole - first couple of casts - "boom" - a solid spot....I tell Coby to throw behind me...he gets nailed but fish pulls off. Moved on -

We kept hitting humps, points, and reef poles on the main lake - then moved north of Browns Bridge and worked the same pattern with success.

I'm not sure how many we ended up with - but it was a ton with some good ones....and had several pull off our topwater baits....and had a double with a spot and striper!

Spooks and Sammy's worked the top and LJ's Obsession2, LJ's Passion2, and Herring did damage on the drop shot.

Great to fish with you Coby - alot of fish and laughs!

Hope to see you fine folks on the lake -



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Looks like a good time with some good fish Jim.:cheers:

Lanier Jim

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Thanks're on some good fish too!



Thanks again LJ, had a blast today! Fruity worms and a fruity spook did some damage today! Hey man I got you some hi-vis braid I'll give you for next time:biggrin2:

Cletus T.

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That a way to “drop it like it’s hot” Jedi!!!!

Nice fish!


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I'm looking forward to getting out this coming week/weekend. I used the rainy day Friday to slide up to OBT and pick up some fruity worms and some dropping tackle.

It's time for me to learn how to do this.

Think the big white boat will scare 'em off? :rofl:

Lanier Jim

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Yeah...that floss to me :) Oakwood has another order going in today....they're selling out like hot cakes.


Jim I would love to do this with you on my boat. Just need to learn how to drop shot I can t figure it out.TY

Lanier Jim

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Just shoot me a PM brent613...we'll hook up. LJ