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Brandt sent me a text...we met up at Vans Tavern...he brought me some Bit O' Honey's.....jumped in his Bullet....flew across the water....caught the heck out of fish!

Yep - topwater was king today with a few coming of the spybait. I think I dropped for 3 minutes....Brandt said he wouldn't let me because he wanted to cast over the areas.

We had several doubles (yes, the pics are all different fish) and both of us lost a good striper....Brandt's tied him up in brush and mine just tied my arm out a little while then pulled off.

Ended the 3 hours with 15-16 fish...all good spots! Just like always when he and I get on the water...the trash talking was bad...I mean real bad....I like it! :) LJ


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Y'all got any of those Bit-O-Honeys left? Probably needed some hip waders to survive that boat ride....LOL. Good job keeping LJ from dropping Brandt. I know that drives him crazy.

Lanier Jim

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I was so "yancy" that I ate all 3 packs of Bit O' Honey....then got a sugar rush and got light headed and faked passing out. I didn't hit the floor yet when Hookum jumped down and tried to give me mouth to mouth. Then I jumped up real quick and ran to the bow to drop some.

Just before my bait hit bottom, Hookum jumped me and hog tied me on the front deck with some 65# braid. I had to promise not to drop before he would cut me loose.

Then I had to topwater and spybait the next two hours...and the entire time, all I heard was "you sure do have pretty lips". I mean I can fish hearing that and seeing that sexy look Hookum kept giving me.


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I told him my plan and asked if it sounded fun...forgot to gas up the rig, so we only hit 70. My goal is to increase 1 mph every trip. My last solo trip out I bumped 75. :)

Lanier Jim

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Blah, blah, blah...70-71-75-95....doesn't matter...still haven't caught a fish going that fast. Heck, I almost got knocked out when a butter fly hit me in the forehead.