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Out for a couple of hours late today and forced myself to throw nothing but moving baits. Topwater, swimbait, crankbait, weighted fluke, shakey head some....heck, I even tied on a 3" grub with a darter style head....NOT a sniff! The last 30 minutes, I said the heck with it and picked up my drop shot.

I caught 4 in the next 30 minutes on two points....same size fish...14"-15" keepers...all on the new ringer worm I discussed yesterday. As you can see by the screen shots, the fish were still on the ends of long points. I did fish more of the main lake today instead of creeks - but still, not even a dang sniff! I moved in some around 18' and saw fish....out to 22' and saw fish...even around 25' (BTW, the deep water screen shot is clean isn't it...dang!) I fished the area first then moved in...took the pic...yep, fish are there.

If any of you are catching fish on moving baits, throw me a bone :) Obviously, it's an early morning pattern or I'm just fishing the wrong places for them.

I'll keep my drop shot in my hand with a topwater and weighted fluke ready....just in case I see something move on top:)

Hope to see you out there -



Hey Jim,

I went yesterday afternoon as well, and did ok on moving baits. I should point out that I was flyfishing though. I noticed a bunch of bass under my dock with their dorsals basically touching the float pads. So I just moved from creek to creek and threw streamers around docks. I didn't set the world on fire, but I got about 7 or 8 in two hours of fishing. I would think those fish would've bit a fluke too, but the novelty factor of the fly may have made the difference. I'll join you with the drop shot out there shortly. I tend to cling to the fly rod until they make me put it down!

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Lanier Jim

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Scott - if you caught some nice spots on a fly rod, I know you had some fun! I have a friend that uses a fly rod chasing that is just scary :)