Lanier - Great Day for the Newbies!

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Lanier Jim

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Out today on a half day trip with two newbies, Austin and Tim. Austin's wife gave him the trip for their anniversary - for that, thank you so much Molly.

I'm still on a few mega schools (as I call them) and boy were the Humminbirds showing out. The first few hours were more of a learning process since neither had ever fished a drop shot. I'm guessing there was at least 20 missed fish getting the technique and feel down...but then it started happening.

Both stayed with it and started sticking fish...and boy, you talk about some laughs! Austin is a huge Iowa Hawkeye fan and showed up with all his colors on...Tim could care less
We'd start with a spybait or swimbait over the a few hits but no hookups. Then eased and dropped. I called Tim the "sniper"......he stayed on the back deck and just pitched forward....a few seconds later, we'd hear the splash of a fish - and he hadn't said a word

Fruity Worms in Blue Lily, Chartreuse Shad, and Melon Candy did the damage. Something to note - first couple of fish spit up those little butter bean shad as I call them. So, we dropped the Runt with good results.

Ended up with 12 in the boat....points and ledges in creeks with a ton of fish in the 20'-24' depth range. It's getting good out there folks - LJ



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Nice! I rarely fish Lanier, but have made a commitment to fish it more. Your reports have been a big help to someone without electronics. I used The navionics app to find some points and humps.

Yesterday we found lots of topwater activity on humps with decent quality. The wife got a good one on top. Today I couldn’t find anything on humps. So I decided to try the slow white fluke on chunk rock game. It paid off.

Thanks for the reports! I might actually stay out of the shallow rivers and fool with the green trout more this fall!


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Lanier Jim

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Awesome! Green trout...funny stuff. I call stripers "Carp in Tuxedos" :)
Ran into a mega school of buck sized spots on Chatuge yesterday. They were eating the same sized 1.5-2" bait and would not take anything offered on top even though they were chasing the bait to the top and busting on them. They did not move off the hump they were on for at least an hour. Only one rod in the water but boated 10 of them before they moved off.

Last Friday on a different location they were after 5" herring seeking warmth from the sun and would only take the sebile. I guess they were tired of all the rattling topwater lures anglers have been hitting them with since the AOY tournament because they'd have nothing to do with those.