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Talk about some fun today....on an afternoon trip with Jeff and his 12 year old son, Hudson "Walkenslagal" "Look at Dat"....what a hoot. "Walkenslagal" and Jeff had me laughing all day. Talk about two guys that love to fish...they were on it all afternoon ...and it was a tough afternoon with the heat, cruisers, Poker Run boats out practicing and running around, and the wind.

Keep in mind, these two were fairly new to drop shot and video game fishing...not sure Hudson has ever done it. After an hour or so of practicing in some calm areas, we headed south to some crazy water. Oh yeah - they even turned me on to a new drink for hot days...awesome stuff called Body Armor!

We hit humps and points on the main lake...some had fish, some didn't...but we were running and gunning and even after 6 hours, they were still jumping up to get after it. Caught some good spots and lost a few more...even had our line broke on two fish. I thought Jeff was going to pass out on two good ones....not sure he knew they pulled like that.

Fruity Worms Ruled on a tough day...but back out tomorrow morning with these same two clowns. I'm hoping to find some of the mega schools I found the other day for them. Look out comes Jeff and Hudson again. LJ


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Great catch fellas! No doubt fruit worms and LJ are a match made in heaven.

Lanier Jim

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Yes sir

Lanier Jim

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:)....Thanks dude!