Lanier - Hot...Drop and Top!

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Lanier Jim

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Out this morning for a quick 3 hr trip with out a little late, fished from 8-11.....but had some serious fun. Casey's a hoot and alot of fun to fish with - and when we pulled up on the first place, the water was alive with fish busting and I thought he was coming out of his sandals trying to get the first cast :) .....serious, this place was loaded!

Topwater boated a nice 2# largemouth....then we eased in and drop shotted 2-3 more. Moved place, nothing on top then dropped and boated another.....moved on.

Points with a deep ledge and brush...another on top then dropped up another fish. Hit a couple of places with no luck.....then headed back to the first spot before heading back towards the ramp. Still Loaded! Had a double on topwater but Casey's pulled off near boat....dropped up another fish or two.

Pattern was the same....long points that fall off into deep in the 21'-26' range and active. Bite slows big time around 11am. LJ's Passion2, Obsession2, and Robo's SXE shad did the damage.

Hope to see you out there and it's important to remember - the water is hot, fish are stressed, and you will get alot of "window shoppers". It turns into a grind but if you keep at it and work hard (and drink a gallon of water) you will catch'em.