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What an afternoon! Hot, no wind, and look at the pics going down the lake - nobody on the water...well, I did run in to Scout n' Stripers on the way down the lake doing his thing with his Emerald Popper. It took me a good hour to figure out what they wanted but when I figured it out, all heck broke loose. I'm talking a fish on every other cast or drop.

The other day, I mentioned small baits this time of year (I think I did on here - might have been our facebook page)....well, that was half true today. I first made a long cast with the 80 series (smaller) spybait....counted it down to about a 10 count...and started the retrieve. On one hole, I made 7 casts and caught 8 fish....yep, a double on that 80 series. They' re chasing the smaller herring and that 80 series is perfect. Didn't matter what color....I lost two and just kept putting whatever I picked up first fraom the box...and they were killing it.
Hammond's is loaded up with them too....not sure about Oakwood Bait & Tackle's inventory, but I saw a ton of Duo Realis spybaits at Hammond's today.

If I didn't get a hit on the spybait or made a couple of casts without a fish - I'd ease in and drop. Obsession, Passion, and Candy were on fire - Fruity Worms Ruled You didn't have to go small today on the DS....the fish were so thick on the humps, I could have dropped a gummy bear and caught them.

Now to answer a question from yesterday on text...."How good are your Humminbird Helix 7's?" Well, I'll let the pictures do the talking but my Helix 7 Chirps are serious....look close, you can see fish in the brush. I mean seriously folks - the "Sketti" inside the brush is pretty obvious.

Out again tomorrow and Thursday....I sure hope the bite continues. Ended up with 16 fish with a few good ones in about 3 hours. This has been one of the best August bites I've seen in a long time. I can only imagine what fall will be like. LJ



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agreed...the 80 has been good for a while. the larger fish will def still hit the 90. why do people call is sketti? it looks more like the edges of lasagna to me. g man did a funny video about it but i can't find it.

if you need to know where the bait or the crappie are at let me know lol

Sounds like you had a good afternoon Jim. It was definitely a better day for dropping than it was for popping. It was hard to believe but I saw some good schooling action out on the main lake but with no chop to work with it was hard to fool them with the popper. Every once in a while a little breeze would kick up and I'd catch one on the surface.
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Fruity worms on our website or Hammond's and Oakwood Bait & Tackle.