Lanier - It was a Drop Shot, Spybait, and Swimbait morning

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Lanier Jim

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Out half a day this morning with Bennett and Spenser...a couple of crazy fun young folks. Bennett called yesterday and asked about going this morning and I told him if he'll come over to help with an install, I might get enough done to go this morning. Not long after the conversation - Bennett was pulling up in the driveway
Last September, us three got together and had a 30+ fish day on spybait and drop shot with some serious toads. Then Bennett and I tied up a couple of times in late fall to boat some great stringers and 20 fish days on a drop shot and spoon.

First place, fish were schooling....Bennett boated two on a topwater and I stuck one on a swimbait. Moved on to another hole and some huge spots were schooling...big spots folks...very few times do you see a school of toads but we ran up on one. We got a few hits and then one monster attacked my Sweet Bait swimbait...I had him hooked and coming to the boat then suddenly, he pulled off.
Moved on and hit a few more spots picking up a drop shot fish or two. Then pulled up on a point and another big spot hits my spybait....had him coming then pulled off....about that time I let our a curse word - another hit the spybait! Had him coming and it pulled off too! I was sick....moved on.

Pulled up on another hole Spenser and I boat a couple of drop shot fish...then Bennett has another toad nail his spybait. Gets her near the boat and she makes a strong run and pulls off too!

Headed above Browns Bridge and Spenser and I stick two spots while Bennett sticks another spybait fish. After yesterday's wild day with boats and tournaments - it was slow but we were sticking fish.

Blue Lily, LJ's Obsession, Herring, and LJ's Passion were the colors today....the got up good and the fish seemed to be glued to the bottom....not a ton of suspended fish but I'd see a few over the brush.

Ended up boating 12 in the boat but losing the best ones. Always a blast with these two...heck, they showed up with a Diet Mtn Dew and a box of Krispy Kreme's! LJ


Awesome LJ. I can't wait to drown a few more of my new supply of fruity worms this coming week. We caught a few keepers on fruity worms in our tourney yesterday. Fruity worms rule!
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Lanier Jim

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Thanks Dude....I've got trips Wednesday and Thursday...all day drop shot trips. Hope to find a few.
Decent day for us yesterday, today was extremely tough! Finally found some fish this afternoon. Hoping they are more active tomorrow. Seemed dead down lake today. Had to come back up to find any decent action. Topwater bite very slow for us. Guess that’s why people that aren’t stubborn hire a guide. Lol
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Lanier Jim

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Lol....keep chunking and winding....or dropping :) Just keep hitting places and you'll run across some fish that want to eat.