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Got out 3 hours late this afternoon and decided to hit some different areas and boy, it was on! I threw moving baits over brush first then eased in to drop....after a while, I just went straight to the waypoint and went to work.

Bright sun put the fish all over the brush but there was a problem, I could get alot of window shoppers but not hits. So, I changed baits to one of our new worms coming out and boy did things change.

When I dropped this bait, that little curl tail must have got the fish excited - they would chase then nail it. This was the change I needed because as you can see in the pics, fish were there and this little baby got them chewing.

Ended the afternoon with 14 fish ....well, lets say 13 because 2 of them were about a half a fish each...little things :) No big ones again, just 14"-15" keepers....and again, nothing on moving baits.

Man, it's great to have the boat set up the way I want it and these new Helix units are special. About to put a dedicated DI unit on the boat - Helix 7 DI because I saw one up close and personal not long ago that we installed and let me tell you, that thing was crystal clear. I'll make sure to get some good pics of it in action.

Same depth range - 22'-25' on long points and reef poles. I did take one pic of sonar in 33' of water so you could see how clean these units are. Not every piece of cover will have fish on it - so keep hitting waypoints and you'll run across some that are loaded.

Hope to see you out there -



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Thanks for the report! I had very similar results, and I found a mega school today, one robbed half my worm somehow on the way down in this screenshot. Looking forward to your posts the next couple of months!


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Lanier Jim

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So if you are going left to right is screen shot #3 & #5 schools of bass? Also, the diagonal lines in 3 would be rising fish? Im guessing that if 3 and 5 are schools of fish the arches are flat because your sitting still or there is just whole lot of fish.

Lanier Jim

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Pics 1 and 2 were at dash moving over cover looking.....3-4-5 were from bow on trolling motor. I don't just look for arches....I look for streaks on screen which tells me there is moving fish down there. My avatar is from the bow unit also. Hope this helps - LJ

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