Lanier - Long Day - Great Fishing!

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Lanier Jim

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Out today on two different early then an hour break and back out on the second trip.

Early Trip -
Out with Jose this morning....novice angler that picked up topwater and drop shot fast.

Jose decides a solid 4.5# spot would be nice as a first fish.....then a solid 3#....then 3-4 more drop shot fish.

Fun time for sure....thanks to brother in law Ron for setting it up. Jose got good at working the topwater popper and drop shot. I'll end up seeing him again soon...he got hooked!

Afternoon trip -
Out with David and his 13 year old daughter, Katlin...the girl loves to fish! After a good run - we got started around 2:30 at the first waypoint up the Chattahoochee near Gainesville Marina.

Both were new to drop shot fishing but did a great job and picked it up quick. Kind of funny....I asked what the goal was for the day...they said, "One Fish", knowing they were in for a treat, I replied..."Ok, the goal is one fish...and if we get that, we'll shoot for 10....if we get 10...15...then 20". Well, our goal was met on first place. Within an hour, we were up to around 10 fish....David 5, Katlin 4, LJ 1 .....all on the drop shot and Fruity Worms.

Kept hitting places and they were getting good at drop to 14 fish, then David sticks a real solid fish. Fight was great...tied him up in the big girl out....finally got her to the boat....WOW....about a 5# catfish! :)

Kept hitting places fishing around 20'-25' of water and kept boating fish. Around 5:30, they were tired of catching....3 hours, 21 fish. My thoughts, the fish got active when they started pulling water this afternoon at 2:55pm....and ended at we were able to fish during the "current" period.

Great father and daughter team...they talked more trash that I did...and you folks know that's hard to do.
Nicknames....David has now become "catfish" and Katlin is now "Bass Queen" :)

A ton of fun but boy I'm worn slap out. Great day with both trips today boating around 35 fish total with some good ones. LJ