Lanier Report 10/19

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Went to Lake Lanier today. It was a great day to be outside, so of course that meant it was a bad day to be fishing.

My plan was to try fishing the humps located around the dam, with Balus Creek as a backup. Spotted bass were the target, but if I marked a school of potential stripers I figured I'd try jigging a rattle trap like a spoon around them.

Morning started slow, planned to be on the water at 7:00 AM. Lost twenty minutes right off the bat trying to put gas in my truck and the pump wouldn't work. For some reason, the attendant was refusing to refund me until after I tried the same pump again and a second one. Once that was squared away, I had to drive further from the highway to get to the next gas station, eating a little more time. Arrive at the first park I planned to go to at 7:30, sign says they don't open until 8:00 instead of the 7:00 advertised online. Move to the second location around the dam I looked at, the sign says they open at 7:00, but the gate is still locked.

I'm not sure if maybe with how high the water is if the parks closest to the dam have been temporarily closed?

Decide to just jump over to Balus at this point, this was my first time in the location. Water temp was 68 at 8:00 AM, got up to about 70 when I left at 2:30 PM. Visibility was about 3-4', closer to 1-2' up the creek.

Started out by heading up the creek arm and seeing what I could mark. As I pass the two points right across from the parking lot, spotted bass began feeding heavily up top. Tried a popper and a jerkbait on them with no hits before they disappeared. Worked the bottom dragging a worm afterwards but no takers.

I rounded the corner and began alternating between casting to the bank/docks with a worm, worked any cover I found around 20-30' of water with a worm and dropshot as well. Nothing produced.

All the way at the very back of the creek there was a little bait, but not much. Figured at this point I should head out of the creek and back towards the main lake.

Headed over to the shoal markers to the southwest of the parking lot, and was welcomed by sporadic spotted bass hits up top. Nothing was really schooled up but every couple of minutes you would see/hear a topwater strike. Looked like the fish were feeding on very small fry/glass minnow type fish.

I couldn't buy a bite with a popper, fluke, spook, or jerkbait. Caught a single 12" spot dragging a worm over the shoal (~8 FOW).

Tied on a tube to fish around the docks behind the shoals, no takers there either.

At this point I picked up and moved to Thompson Bridge park, also a first for me. I worked the coves around the park from about 3:15 to 7:15.

Water temp was was 73, visibility was 18".

Tried a worm, a fluke, and mostly a jig. Fished around every dock on the cove, took a shot at any lay downs, and casted around bushes/rock that was currently under water.

Didn't have any luck. There was a little bait here and there, but not much. All the bait that was there seemed to be relating older laydowns in 6 FOW. My jig sent plenty of it crashing, but never saw a fish go after them.

Called it a day at sunset.
Thanks for such a detailed report.