Lanier Report 4/6 w/pics


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I got out every day this week except on Wednesday and pretty much all week I primarily fished docks. There is very little surfacing activity but when there is I could catch the surfacing fish on a custom white pearl Sebile 145. The Sebile was a lock for early morning surfacing stripers and bass this week and every time I cast to an area where a fish surfaced they would come back up and hit the Sebile. Most of the bass surfacing are less than 3lbs with most being in the 1-2lb range. Early in the morning if you're in an area that is holding active fish a Spro McStick or the Sebile should do the trick. Once the sun gets up I've been going to the docks and catching them on 3 different baits. First is the shaky head which is probably the best way to catch them. The chatterbait is another good bait around the docks and the a-rig being the 3rd way I'm catching them off the docks. With the a-rig it helps if the sun is out and casting some shadows around the docks. The fish have been out on the ends of the docks and in the shadows in the sunny afternoons. Tuesday afternoon I had my first triple on the a-rig but one shook of before we could get them netted. Pretty cool to see 3 big bass hooked up on the rig at one time. There were probably 4-5 other bass circling the rig while the 3 were hooked up.

I've been doing some cranking on every trip but the crankbait bite isn't real strong right now so I've been spending most of the week on docks.

Surface temps are in the upper 50's today and it did reach 60 on Tuesday afternoon before the latest front came through. Here's a few pics from the week.

The fish in my right hand in the second to last picture was used in a photo shoot for a new Z-man worm. I ran into my buddy Shane Durrance from Shane Durrance Productions and he was out taking photos for a new Z-man worm so we used my fish for a few shots. The fish had some very cool colors and was very photogenic...LOL


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